IRMSA Risk Report 2020 – NOW AVAILABLE

The IRMSA South Africa 2020 Risk Report is now available. It includes a robust “look-back” analysis of the risks included in previous editions (2015 to 2019). In addition it evaluates key current developments and forward-looking views and consider the scenarios. From this, IRMSA defines the 12 top risks South Africa will face in 2020.

The specific aim is to increase the report’s value for the real management of risk in organisations’ day-to-day activities. IRMSA specifically linked the risk management effort to future scenarios that inform their strategies and included more information and sources to guide organisations to make better risk-informed decisions.

Risk management is more strategic than ever… To raise the profile of the risk function in your organisation you need take it seriously, you will need to up your game, become more strategic, more business-value driven, and bring clarity, calm analysis and insight into the chaos and complexity of the 2020s world.

This IRMSA Risk Report will be one of your most valuable tools in 2020.