26ème Rencontres de l’AMRAE

The world has entered in an era of uncertainty, as we look forward to new catastrophes: geopolitical fragmentation, instability of the whole economic system, social divides, technology failures, environmental challenge…

In the absence of an effective governance, the global system is in danger of shifting, as a lost sailboat on a raging sea.

However at the same time the world is also in motion: it is transforming in depth, boosted by the power of technology and driven by social forces among which are the companies.

New horizons are within sight, as the harbinger of a possible revival after the crises. The human being is the only fixed/ stable point of the system, even if landmarks/ points of reference have changed. Mankind is now more advanced, more connected, more expert and more liberated while at the same time also in charge of succeeding in this new page of history.

Risk Management is not only about managing risks anymore. The underlying aim of the Risk Manager is now to get the “risk intelligence” that enables companies to move to new levels.

International city, crossroad of civilizations, close to the Mediterranean sea : let’s meet in Marseille !

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